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From the CFO office to the sales floor to the shop floor and the parts bins to the paint booths - we have been involved in making dealerships better.  Profitability in each department takes its own form and direction. CSI fixes many ailments, but attention to the details of each of the related but distinct areas and departments requires an understanding of how each operates and what drives their success. 

An understanding of the departments and what makes them successful lends itself to evaluating and implementing solutions or determining the level of profitability possible.

Knowing how to evaluate a dealership - where it operates best and where the opportunities for improvement might lie - is the only way to make an informed buy/sell decision or, once bought, to know how much improvement can be expected. 

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Areas of Expertise

Buying a dealership

The desire to expand can overcome the need to be practical and realistic.  Have someone who will take an unbiased view look at your deal and make sure the transaction justifies the investment. The deal is one you will need to make work both this year and for several years down the road.

If you work with a Broker, their focus is on closing the transaction - not on what is best for the Dealer. They will even cut their fee at times to bridge gaps that exist. Sometimes those gaps exist for good reasons.


Management in Dealerships responds to challenges and their pay plans.  Why not set a goal and show them how to make themselves more money?  The best pay plans are ones that reward the managers for their own success and the bottom line success of the dealership.  Unless you have a plan and a forecast, how will you get them to buy in and maximize your profitability?

selling a dealership

No matter if this is a forced sale due to financial or family or partner issues, or divesting yourself of a deal you no longer want for geographic reasons - you still should get the value dictated by the market.  And the new tax laws have made your dealership more valuable - why not have someone who works only for you take a look at the value you want to earn from the deal.


Are you sure you know where you are going? Does it make sense in your long term plan? Who succeeds you?  What happens if you can't run the deal?  We can help.

fixing your dealership

You know where the holes are in your operation - and you know how to calculate the shortfall.  Why it is happening and how to fix it may be the challenge.  

Or maybe, why is my office manager or controller always telling me I need to put cash in the operation? We can help fix it.


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.
— Abraham Lincoln


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